Require Manage Channel and Manage Roles permission

Change the name template for secondary channels dynamically using variables.

The default template is ## [@@game_name@@]


To use the command, first join a primary channel and wait for the bot to create a new secondary channel for you. Then run the command.

!template TEMPLATE

See examples below

Note: Discord has strict rate limiting in place that prevents channels from being renamed too often. At the time of writing this, it allows renaming only twice every 10 minutes. Because of this, your channel may not be renamed as often as you like, but just be patient, the bot will rename it eventually.

If you don't really understand the concept of what a "variable" is, check out the example templates at the bottom of this page.


  • @@game_name@@

    Replaced with the game that most people in the channel are playing. If no one is playing anything or there is too much variety (more than 2 games with an equal number of players), "General" will be shown instead. Use !general to use a different word than "General".

  • @@creator@@

    The name of the person who first joined the channel. This person has control over the channel and can use commands such as vc/private and vc/name. If they leave, the person at the top of the channel (alphabetically) becomes the new creator.

  • @@stream_name@@

    If the creator is streaming to Twitch and have their Twitch account connected to Discord (purple status), this is replaced with their stream name. If they are not streaming, it's simply removed.


  • ##

    The channel number with a # in front. The first channel created will be "#1", the next "#2", etc. If the people from the first channel leave and it's deleted, channel #2 will be renamed to #1.

  • $#

    The channel number just like ##, but without a # in front. e.g. "1", "2", "3" instead of "#1", "#2", "#3".

  • $0#, $00#, $000#, etc.

    Just like $# above but with padded zeros (e.g. "001", "002", etc.)

  • @@nato@@

    Use the NATO Phonetic Alphabet as the channel number. The first channel will be "Alpha", the next one "Bravo", the third on "Charlie", etc.

  • @@num@@

    The total number of users in the channel.

  • @@num_others@@

    The total number of users in the channel, excluding the creator.


  • <<singular/plural>>

    Use the word before the slash if @@num@@ is 1, or the word after it if it's more than 1.

    Using a black-slash (\)

    between the singular and pluarl form instead of a forward-slash will check @@num_others@@ instead of @@num@@, which is probably what you want if you are using @@num_others@@ in your template
  • ""operation:Text to Manipulate""

    Any text (including the result of other template variables) can be further manipulated in a number of ways, such as modifying upper/lower case, making abbreviations, or removing certain words. These options are explained separately here.

  • Basic string manipulation - supported operations are:

    • ""caps: Text""TEXT
    • ""lower: Text""text
    • ""title: text""Text
    • ""rand: Hmmmmmmm""hmMmMmMM
    • ""acro: Text to Manipulate""TtM
    • ""remshort: Text to Manipulate""Text Manipulate
    • ""1w: Text to Manipulate""Text
    • ""2w: Text to Manipulate""Text to
    • ""3w: Text to Manipulate""Text to Manipulate
    • ""spaces:   Text   to   Manipulate ""Text to Manipulate
    • ""uwu: Surprise!""Suwpwise!
  • [[group/squad/team/clan]] - Random word or phrase selection

    Pick a random word between the slashes when the channel is created. Use a back-slash (\) instead of a forward-slash if you want it to select a random word every few minutes instead of only once when the channel is created.


    Expressions are a powerful way to set the channel name based on certain conditions, such as whether or not the creator has a particular role, what game is being played, the party size, etc.

    Expressions are a powerful way to set the channel name based on certain conditions, such as whether or not the creator has a particular role, what game is being played, and the party size.

    Expressions must be in the following form:

  • If the CONDITION part is met, whatever you wrote in the TRUE part will be added to the channel name, otherwise the FALSE part will be used instead. The FALSE part is optional and can be left out (e.g. {{CONDITION ?? TRUE}}).

    Anything at all can be written inside the TRUE/FALSE parts, including other template variables like @@num@@ or @@game_name@@, or even other nested expressions, however only a certain things may be used as the CONDITION:

    • ROLE:role id
      Check whether or not the creator has a particular role.
    • GAME=game name
      Check if the game that users in the channel are playing (the same one that @@game_name@@ returns, including aliases) matches exactly the text provided. You can also use != instead of = to match anything other than exactly the text provided, or : to match anything that contains the text provided. E.g. GAME:Call of Duty will match with "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare", but GAME=Call of Duty will not.
    • PLAYERS>number
      Check if the number of players in your game (determined either by Discord Rich Presence or the game activity statuses of members in the channel) is greater than the number provided. You can also use <, <=, >=, = and !=
    • MAX>number
      Check if the maximum number of players allowed in your game (determined by Discord Rich Presence or the channel limit) is greater than the number provided. You can also use <, <=, >=, = and !=
    • RICH
      Whether or not the current game uses Discord Rich Presence, which means @@num_playing@@, @@party_size@@, @@party_state@@, and @@party_details@@ should have reliable values.
    {{GAME:Left 4 Dead ?? [@@num_playing@@/4]}}
    {{PLAYERS=1 ?? LFG}}
    {{PLAYERS<=20 ?? ## [@@game_name@@] // It's a party!}}
    {{MAX=@@num_playing@@ ?? (Full) // (@@num_playing@@)}}
    {{RICH??@@party_details@@{{MAX>1?? (@@num_playing@@/@@party_size@@)}}}}
    {{ROLE:601025860614750229 ?? {{ROLE:615086491235909643??[UK] // {{ROLE:607913610139664444??[DE]
    // [EU]}}}}}}

    The spaces around the ?? and // improve readability but may not be desired if you do not want any spaces around the result.

    If you have a question or need any help setting up an expression, please ask me in the support server. I'd be happy to add any extra variables you need.

Rich Presence

Certain games provide discord with detailed information about the game a user is currently playing, such as the map name, character info, level progress, party size and number of actual players in the party. This is discord "Rich Presence".

Not all games support this, in fact most of them don't, but some do and the bot can utilize this information in the channel name if it's available.

What information is provided in which variables is up to the game developer, and there's no real standard, so it can be quite unpredictable from game to game. You'll just have to experiment with the options for different games to see what happens. You can run to get a detailed list of Rich Presence data for each player if it's available.

You may want to use the {{RICH}} expression to check if the current game uses Rich Presence.

  • @@num_playing@@
    The number of users playing in the same game session. Uses the game's Rich Presence info if it's available, otherwise it makes a guess from the game activity of users in the voice chat.
  • @@party_size@@
    The maximum number of players allowed in the game. Uses the game's Rich Presence info if it's available, otherwise it uses the channel's user limit. Defaults to 0 if no size is found.
  • @@party_details@@
    The party details provided by Rich Presence, which varies by game. Usually the game mode, difficulty and/or mission name.
  • @@party_state@@
    The party state information provided by Rich Presence, which varies by game. May be character played, team info, game mode, etc.


  • Template: !template ## [@@game_name@@]
    Example results: "#1 [Skyrim]", "#2 [Apex Legends]"

  • Template: !template @@num@@ blind <<mouse/mice>>
    Example results: "1 blind mouse", "3 blind mice"

  • Template: !template @@creator@@ and the @@num_others@@ <<Dwarf\Dwarves>>
    Example results: "Snow White and the 7 Dwarves", "pewdiepie and the 1 Dwarf"

  • Template: !template @@nato@@ [[Squad/Team/Party/Noobs]]
    Example results: "Alpha Team", "Charlie Squad"

  • Template: !template @@game_name@@ {{GAME:Left 4 Dead ?? [@@num_playing@@/4]}}
    Example results: "Left 4 Dead 2 [3/4]", "PUBG"

  • Template:
    !template @@game_name@@ {{ROLE:601025860614750229 ?? {{ROLE:615086491235909643??[UK]
    // {{ROLE:607913610139664444??[EU] // [Unknown]}}}}}}

    Example results: "PUBG [UK]", "PUBG [EU]"

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