Log voice channel activity in your server to a chosen text channel.

Log voice channel activity in your server to a chosen text channel.

Use !logging here to enable logging to this channel, or enter a channel ID instead of here to use a different channel.
Use logging off to disable logging.

You can optionally specify a logging level by adding 1/2/3 after your command (e.g. logging here 3). The higher the level, the more info is logged:

  • Level 1 (default):
    Someone creates a new channel; Someone tries creating channels too quickly and is temporarily put on cooldown; Someone initiates a votekick.
  • Level 2:
    Someone sets/removes the user limit of their channel; Someone sets a custom bitrate for themselves; Someone renames their own channel; An empty channel is deleted.
  • Level 3:
    Someone joins or leaves an existing channel.
Note: Level 3 logging is only available for servers with developer mode activated, as it may generate a large number of messages which can overload the bot and trigger Discord's rate limiting.

If you don't specify a logging level and haven't done so before, level 1 will be assumed.


!logging CHANNEL_ID/here/off


  • !logging here
    Enable logging in the channel you typed the command in.
  • !logging here 3
    Enable logging in this channel at level 3.
  • !logging 601032893002940436 2
    Enable logging in the text channel with the ID 601032893002940436 at level 2.
  • !logging off
    Turn off logging.

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