Set where secondaries get their permissions from

Choose where new channels created by a certain primary channel get their permissions from. You can use this to allow only certain people to create channels, but anyone to join them.

Available options are:

  • primary/parent: (default) New channels will use the same permissions as the "+ New session" channel they are created from.
  • category: New channels will use whatever permissions are set up for the category they are in (the same behavior as creating channels manually).
  • CHANNEL_ID: Specify an existing voice channel whose permissions new channels will copy. Must be a permanent channel that the bot can see - if the channel is ever deleted or becomes inaccessible, the primary channel's permissions will silently be used instead (as is the default).


!inheritpermissions primary/category/CHANNEL ID


  • !inheritpermissions primary
  • !inheritpermissions category
  • !inheritpermissions 603174408957198347
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