Basic setup

A list of all bot commands with links to more detailed documentation for each.

Run !create and I'll make a new primary channel for you. When users join this channel, I'll make a new channel for them and move them to it.

The Default prefix for all is !, e.g.!create. You can also @mention the instead, like @Hypecreate

If you change your prefix and then forget what it is, the only way to use the bot again would be to @mention it with the prefix command, e.g.@Hypeprefix !

The new channel will by default be named according to the game they are playing together, e.g. "#1 [Warframe]" , and will rename itself if they start to play a different game - but you can change this to anything you like (see the command reference below).

Once everybody leaves the channel, I'll automatically delete it.

Default template: ## [@@game_name@@]

Basic setup
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